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With just one click in the hvv switch App:

  • Scan the QR code
  • Register if you don't yet have a hvv switch account
  • Buy a digital hvv Deutschlandticket

Important: If you are eligible for reduced-price tickets, please order the chipcard.

Just buy the hvv Deutschlandticket online and off you go – it's that easy!

You can buy your hvv Deutschlandticket here online and then you always have it with you in the hvv switch App on your smartphone. Explore Hamburg and the whole North of Germany with the hvv Deutschlandlandticket from the word go! You can also discover the rest of the country from the North Sea to the Alps – taking a trip has never been so easy. What are you waiting for? Just go off wherever your fancy takes you and discover how many places worth seeing there are! All you need when you are underway is your smartphone with the hvv Deutschlandticket in the hvv switch App.

  • Order your hvv Deutschlandticket now with just one click
  • In the first month, you only pay pro rata for the days you have it, after that it only costs € 49 a month
  • Off you go straight away - discover Hamburg and the whole of Germany for € 49
  • With your hvv Deutschlandticket you can also use the complimentary offers under hvv Plus and enjoy great benefits from our partners

You can find all you need to know about the hvv Deutschland Ticket as a job ticket here. You can find information for students here.

Buy your hvv Deutschlandticket - and off you go straight away. With the hvv switch App you always have your ticket with you digitally - just a click away on your smartphone. To order, scan the QR code above or click on the button if you are using your smartphone at the moment. Then register if you don't yet have a hvv switch App account.

N.B.: If you are eligible for the social discount of the City of Hamburg, you can order the hvv Deutschlandticket for € 19 instead of € 49 a month on a chipcard. At the moment, the social discount cannot be processed in the hvv switch App. The discounted hvv Deutschlandticket can be ordered online or in a hvv service centre. In each case you need to show your entitlement form to receive the social discount in the service centre. You can order the hvv Deutschlandticket on a chipcard here.

Just pay the € 49 for your hvv Deutschlandticket any way you like. In the hvv switch App you can choose from Paypal, credit card or direct debit.

At the moment it is unfortunately not possible to register SEPA Direct Debit as your means of payment for the first time. If you have already saved SEPA as your means of payment, you can still conclude a new Deutschlandticket subscription with it. This restriction is only temporary.

The hvv switch App gives you access to the entire range of mobility options in one application. Whether you want to know when the next train leaves or you need an e-scooter. Whether you prefer to use the shuttle or to drive yourself - the App is your little helper! That way you can get where you want to go in and around Hamburg without any hassle. And if you now order the hvv Deutschlandticket in the hvv switch App you have the entire gamut of local and regional public transport at your fingertips on your smartphone!

Just download the hvv switch App, register and discover the mobility app for Hamburg!

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