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Tariff provisions for the hvv Deutschland­ticket

Basic principles

The Deutschlandticket is a ticket sponsored by the Federal Government and the federal states, valid on regional rail services and local public transport in the whole of Germany. It will be introduced as of 1 May 2023. The tariff provisions set out here apply for the Deutschlandticket and are binding on its use by all the participating regional rail and local public transport operators all over Germany. These tariff provisions apply in addition to the existing fare scales and conditions of carriage of the participating public transport associations, the tariff provisions of the federal states and the Deutschlandtarif as well as the conditions of carriage of the participating rail transport operators and the participating local public transport operators unless otherwise stipulated in the following regulations. The Deutschlandticket is issued subject to the conditions of the contracting transport operator.

Entitlement to travel, conditions of use and area/period of validity

The Deutschlandticket gives the right, within the period of validity, to unlimited use of local and regional rail services within the tariff area of the Deutschlandtarif for 2nd class travel as well as of other means of public transport in the geographical area of validity of the tariffs of the participating transport operators, public transport associations and the tariff associations of the federal states (Landestarifgesellschaften). This includes areas of valid travel outside Germany if and when the tariff zone of the transport association or transport operator concerned extends to the area located on the territory of a foreign country pursuant to a specific agreement to that effect. Local public transport is deemed to include carriage of persons in trams and omnibuses as defined by the German Public Transport Act (Personenbeförderungsgesetz, PBefG) as well as in motor vehicles running on regular services pursuant to §§ 42 and 44 PBefG. Local bus lines pursuant to § 43 PBefG come within the scope of validity of the ticket to the extent that they are generally available to the public as defined in § 2 Par. 4 PBefG. The Deutschlandticket is not valid on means of transport which are primarily operated for touristic or historical purposes. The use of the Deutschlandticket on long-distance trains is excluded on principle. Regulations deviating from this general rule (e.g. within the framework of integration concepts) will be announced in due time in the area of validity of the Deutschlandticket for rail travel. The Deutschlandticket is not transferable and is issued as a personal travel pass, which must contain at minimum the name and first name as well as the date of birth of the holder. This ticket will be issued in the form of a chipcard and as a digital ticket for smartphones. The Deutschlandticket can be issued provisionally as a digitally verifiable paper ticket (with barcode) by the contracting transport operator which makes the Deutschlandticket available on a chipcard as carrier medium pending the issue or availability of the ticket in digital form, but only until 31.12.2023 at the latest. A Deutschlandticket issued as a paper ticket is only valid for one calendar month at maximum. An official photo ID must be carried as legitimation and shown to the ticket inspector when asked. The Deutschlandticket does not give the right to take other persons older than 6 years of age along free of charge. The Deutschlandticket gives the right to use exclusively carriages of the 2nd class. Upgrade to the 1st class is possible subject in each case to the conditions of carriage of the public transport associations, the tariff provisions of the federal states and the Deutschlandtarif within their area of validity. A regular bicycle ticket needs to be purchased in order to take along a bicycle, provided that such a ticket is required on the journey in question. A regular ticket is required to take a dog along, provided that such a ticket is required on the journey in question.

Contract Term and Termination

The Deutschlandticket can be purchased at the service centres for season tickets or via the other sales channels operated by the transport operators, public transport associations and the tariff associations of the federal states. The Deutschlandticket is issued as a subscription product. Signing on for subscription can be done as of the 1st of any month. The subscription is concluded for an indefinite period of time and can be terminated monthly. Such termination must be declared by the 10th of the month, effective at the end of the calendar month concerned. In the case of termination, the Deutschlandticket remains valid up to close of services after the end of the last day of the calendar month concerned, at the latest however until 3.00 am of the following day.

Besides the normal monthly termination, a fixed period of validity of 12 months may also be agreed in conjunction with other public transport products.

Fare price

The fare price for the Deutschlandticket in a subscription is 49.00 EUR per month when the fare is paid monthly. A single annual payment of twelve times the monthly fare may be offered. In services which only run on demand (e.g. on demand hail-a-ride minibuses, dial-a-bus services) as well as rail services which run daily and have special forms of operation (e.g. narrow-gauge railways with steam traction), a surcharge may be charged subject to the local tariff conditions.

Job ticket

The Deutschlandticket can be offered as a discounted job ticket. This job ticket can be used by employees of a company whose employer has concluded an agreement for the purchase of the Deutschland-Job Ticket with a participating public transport association or public transport operator. Employers in the meaning of this provision can be companies, administrative bodies, public authorities and other institutions. The fare price for the Deutschlandticket as a job ticket is the price given in Section 4 minus a discount of 5%. The precondition for the discount is that the employer subsidizes the job ticket with an amount which is at least 25% of the fare price pursuant to Section 4.

Rights of passengers

For journeys by rail, the rights of passengers pursuant to Part Teil A No. 8 of the tariff conditions of the Deutschlandtarif as well as Part C No. 8 of the tariff conditions for season tickets in the Deutschlandtarif in their currently approved and published versions apply. These are available on the internet under