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Alster-Touristik - our cargo is unforgettable hvv Plus experiences

The Alster-Touristik fleet of "white ships" are a hallmark of Hamburg like the Michel and the harbour thanks to the long tradition of Alster pleasure cruises. Citizens of Hamburg have been taking pleasure trips on the water since 1500. The first professional shipping operators began to cross the Alster around 1800, including the first ferry services. Today, the fleet comprises 16 ships from very different periods, which offer trips around the lake and special outings throughout the whole of Hamburg.

Alongside upholding this tradition, Alster-Touristik also puts a premium on modernity and following further developments. for the future. That is, for instance, why the first fuel cell powered passenger vessel in the world, the FSC "Alsterwasser", joined the fleet and went into service on regular routes in 2008. It causes zero harmful emissions, only water vapour is emitted. With this combination of good old Hamburg tradition and progressiveness, Alster-Touristik is an optimal partner for hvv Plus!

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