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Our hvv Plus Partnervabali spa Hamburg

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The Balinese wellness oasis vabali spa is located before the gates of Hamburg and can be reached by hvv. Here you can immerse yourself in a whole different world on 36,000 square metres and find a place where your body, soul and mind can come to rest. 13 saunas, 4 steam baths, 5 pools and a natural pond offer everything you need for a relaxing spa day. On top of these services you have the option to book a massage and there is a restaurant and a hotel. The spa is open daily up to 12 midnight and thus offers an ideal opportunity to take time out after a stressful day at work. The vabali spa Hamburg is a place where you can abandon yourself to simply feeling good and so a marvellous partner for hvv Plus.

You can find the fastest way to get to our partner in our Timetable Information.

To find out more about our partner, you can also visit their website.

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